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Refrigeration Medium

StemSurvive-Lung is a refrigeration medium for Lung. This product can keep the proliferation and differentiation of mammarian lung cells at 4°C for a week. 

◎ Feature

  1. StemSurvive can stably keep the lung tissue at 4°C for 1 week.
  2. The ionic composition of StemSurvive is similar to the extracellular fluid. And this product does not contain DMSO and  Serum Protain.
  3. StemSurvive can also keep lung-derived cells.
  4. StemSurvive is sterile.
  5. StemSurvive is prepared with Antibiotics or without them.

◎ Price list

Product   StemSurvive-Lung 500mL (with Antibiotics)
Catalog No.   SS-1010
Classification   Refrigeration Medium for Lung
Volume   500mL
Contents   SS-1000 StemSurvive 500mL (Storage : 2 - 8°C)
  SS-1020 Antibiotics (PS, SM, AMPH-B) (Storage : Below 0°C)
Expiration date   3 months
Price (JPY)   15,000

◎ Example ... Mouse Lung tissue before (Fresh) and after refrigeration for 3 days in PBS or StemSurvive

1) Comparison of morphological change

    • ⇒ The lung tissue refrigerated by StemSurvive kept the morphology like the fresh sample.


2) Comparison of living cell number and viability

    • ⇒ The cells of the lung tissue refrigerated by StemSurvive kept the viability like the fresh sample.